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The Bankruptcy Service - Debt Relief Orders (DROs)

We specialise in all possible debt solutions, and the final proposal by our fully trained team will depend on your personal and financial situation, so please take 30 seconds to fill in the debt test so we can understand this and speak to you.

This is an option for individuals who do not qualify for the other debt solutions. There are no monthly instalment payments to be made towards your debt and this can be a much cheaper alternative to bankruptcy. A DRO usually lasts a year during which time creditors cannot act against you. Once the year is over, all debts listed within the order will be freed.

To qualify, you must owe less than £15,000, have less than £50 per month available after making essential monthly payments, have under £300 in assets (this can exclude a car which can be retained if valued under £1000) and have resided in England for at least three years.

A DRO brings with it a fee currently standing at £90, which is payable to the Insolvency Service. Thus, in this respect it is cheaper than the fees for bankruptcy which for England and Wales stands at £705.

Debt relief order advantages:

  • Debt could be cleared in a year
  • A cheaper option than bankruptcy
  • Creditors can no longer take action against you
  • Avoids court action.

Debt relief order disadvantages:

  • The order will stay on public record for 15 months and will be listed on your credit record for six years
  • Like other options, your ability to open bank accounts is more limited
  • If your financial situation improves during the process, you may be expected to pay back creditors. Of course, this is not automatically a bad thing
  • If you require credit over £500, you will need to inform the potential lender about the DRO.
Free debt counselling and advice is also available from the Money Advice Service available at: doesn't charge a fee for its bankruptcy service, but receives remuneration from the partners that we work with in order to keep operating. Those partners must charge a fee to the customer to likewise cover operational costs, and this amount will vary depending on the solution offered, and the terms of the parner. For details of these terms, please refer to the website of the organisation dealing with your bankruptcy. Upon application with, we will forward your information on to one of our specialist debt partners. You will then be contacted, and you will be able to explain your case, and expert advice will be offered in order to ascertain the most appropriate debt solution.