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The Bankruptcy Service Case Study Example: Bankruptcy Annulments

The following bankruptcy case study is a fictitious example, designed to help you understand working situations where bankruptcy is and isn't appropriate.

A look at the options available should you manage to clear all your debts.

I have paid off all my debts under my bankruptcy terms and the insolvency practitioner has told me the next step is to apply for an annulment. Can I do this without a solicitor?

Firstly, congratulations! That is an achievement of which you should be proud. If an individual is looking to annul a bankruptcy they should apply to the bankruptcy court which made the order using form 7.1A. It should be quite straightforward and a solicitor is not needed. When applying for an annulment, you should supply documentation showing all your initial debts and how you have gone about paying them off.
There's guidance on how to annul a bankruptcy available on our blog page.

Free debt counselling and advice is also available from the Money Advice Service available at: doesn't charge a fee for its bankruptcy service, but receives remuneration from the partners that we work with in order to keep operating. Those partners must charge a fee to the customer to likewise cover operational costs, and this amount will vary depending on the solution offered, and the terms of the parner. For details of these terms, please refer to the website of the organisation dealing with your bankruptcy. Upon application with, we will forward your information on to one of our specialist debt partners. You will then be contacted, and you will be able to explain your case, and expert advice will be offered in order to ascertain the most appropriate debt solution.