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The Bankruptcy Service Case Study Example: Adding New Debts Onto A Bankruptcy Order

The following bankruptcy case study is a fictitious example, designed to help you understand working situations where bankruptcy is and isn't appropriate.

It is not uncommon for new debts to surface during the course of a bankruptcy.

I have recently received a demand for quite a significant amount of money, which threatens to take me to court if not paid. I am about to enter bankruptcy, within the next fortnight, so do I add this company onto the list of creditors? Or does this now count as a new debt as I have already started the bankruptcy process? I am about to submit my creditors report.

If the debt that is being claimed for is provable in bankruptcy, then you should add the details to your bankruptcy forms and it should be included. You shouldn't be liable to repay any debts that were taken out before the date of your bankruptcy, as long as they are provable.
As long as you've provided as much information as possible and declared the debts to the best of your knowledge on the forms then this is usually enough information.
In some cases, debts that you might not have been aware of do arise in the future from before your bankruptcy and these would usually also be included, provided they were taken out before the date of your bankruptcy.
“Provable debts” are most unsecured debts with the exception of child maintenance arrears, fraudulent debts, gambling debts and a few other exceptions.

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