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Bankruptcy & Employment

A look at how bankruptcy may affect employment opportunities or your current job.

The fear of losing a job or hindering a career is a common concern for many that consider bankruptcy when dealing with debts.

An important consideration when contemplating bankruptcy and its consequences is how it will affect your career. For most jobs, it won’t make any difference, but there are exceptions, and they need to be considered. In a select number of jobs, bankruptcy can lead to dismissal, demotion or other penalties. Also, some professional bodies do not allow undischarged bankrupts to remain as members.
If you work in the following industries, you should check how bankruptcy might affect you:-

Armed forces
Cash handling: e.g. banking, payroll or security
Financial services: e.g. accountant, mortgage broker, stock broker or financial advisor
Law: e.g. solicitor or legal executive
Medicine: e.g. GP or dentist
Property: e.g. estate agent, letting agent
Pub licensee
Self-employment as a sole trader or partnership
Charity trustee
Company director
Insolvency Practitioner
Justice of the Peace
Local or national government, for example a councillor or MP
School governor

You can check your employment contract to see if it says you can’t go bankrupt. However, if it does say this, this does not mean that you will automatically lose your job. Seek professional advice if you think this may be an issue that could affect you.

Free debt counselling and advice is also available from the Money Advice Service available at: doesn't charge a fee for its bankruptcy service, but receives remuneration from the partners that we work with in order to keep operating. Those partners must charge a fee to the customer to likewise cover operational costs, and this amount will vary depending on the solution offered, and the terms of the parner. For details of these terms, please refer to the website of the organisation dealing with your bankruptcy. Upon application with, we will forward your information on to one of our specialist debt partners. You will then be contacted, and you will be able to explain your case, and expert advice will be offered in order to ascertain the most appropriate debt solution.