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Here at the Bankruptcy Service, we make it our priority to provide you with all the information you need to take the correct next step in life, and make informed decisions about your financial future. This page lists all the individual sections of the website, so that you can see the comprehensive list of information on the Bankrputcy Service website.

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Case Studies
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Case Study Sub-Pages:
Bankruptcy and tax - will HMRC still pursue payments?
Extra debts discovered since bankruptcy - where do I stand?
Bankruptcy v IVA - which is best?
Bankruptcy v IVA Part 2 - which is best?
Bankruptcy proceedings brought against me by HMRC - the next steps.
The bankruptcy register - am I still on it?
I have received funds whilst bankrupt - what are my obligations?
I'm considering bankruptcy for a second time - is this a good idea?
Essential outgoings - how much is reasonable?
Bankruptcy and mortgages - is it possible to get one?
Bankruptcy and personal possessions - a question.
Bankruptcy and tenancies - will my landlord know?
Bankruptcy and bank accounts - will I be able to have one?
Bankruptcy and the courts - will I have to see a judge?
Bankruptcy and tax - do I still pay it?
Bankruptcy and debts - which will be written off?
Bankruptcy and properties - will a sold house be reclaimed?
Bankruptcy and creditors - adding an extra creditor to the list.
Bankruptcy and property - how cohabitants can be affected.
Paying off debts in a bankruptcy - can it be annuled?
Bankruptcy and ex-partners - your liabilities.
Bankruptcy and self-employment - variable earnings.
Bankruptcy & holidays - your right to a break.

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Free debt counselling and advice is also available from the Money Advice Service available at: doesn't charge a fee for its bankruptcy service, but receives remuneration from the partners that we work with in order to keep operating. Those partners must charge a fee to the customer to likewise cover operational costs, and this amount will vary depending on the solution offered, and the terms of the parner. For details of these terms, please refer to the website of the organisation dealing with your bankruptcy. Upon application with, we will forward your information on to one of our specialist debt partners. You will then be contacted, and you will be able to explain your case, and expert advice will be offered in order to ascertain the most appropriate debt solution.