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Bankruptcy - How it Works

Step 1

Confused about your debt help options.

Debt worries affect all of us, and it can be difficult to know where to turn for help.

The first step to organising your finances, and starting your path to becoming debt free, is to face the problem head on. Ignoring it will only magnify the situation, and provide you with more stress.

Realise that there are options out there, and that you are not alone.

Step 2

Read our website information, and give us a call.

Don’t be afraid at the thought of having to speak to someone – this is the best thing you can do.

We have over 50 years combined experience in dealing with debt, and are experts in helping our clients declare bankruptcy. We understand the situation, and have sympathetic advisors ready to talk you through the process. You can rest assured that this will be the best call you make.

Step 3

We prepare an in-depth statement of affairs for you.

This is based on the information you give us surrounding your debt and finances.

In order for your bankruptcy petition to be approved, a large document needs to be created with specific information. We have successfully prepared hundreds of these, and we use our specialist knowledge to ensure that no stone is unturned during the process.

Step 4

Start your journey to debt freedom.

In the likely case your bankruptcy petition is accepted, your creditor payments now stop.

We analyse every bankruptcy case carefully, and will only accept it if we deem it the best option for our clients, where there is a valid reason for bankruptcy. Once your bankruptcy petition has been confirmed, you no longer have to repay your creditors, and you start your journey to debt freedom.

Free debt counselling and advice is also available from the Money Advice Service available at: doesn't charge a fee for its bankruptcy service, but receives remuneration from the partners that we work with in order to keep operating. Those partners must charge a fee to the customer to likewise cover operational costs, and this amount will vary depending on the solution offered, and the terms of the parner. For details of these terms, please refer to the website of the organisation dealing with your bankruptcy. Upon application with, we will forward your information on to one of our specialist debt partners. You will then be contacted, and you will be able to explain your case, and expert advice will be offered in order to ascertain the most appropriate debt solution.